HUNGARY – Budapest and Lake Balaton

Ok. As I’ve already promised – have to tell you about my Southern/Balkan trip. Just decided to split that into smaller posts, so I could write a short note about each country. The first one on the list is Hungary. For me it was first time there. It’s about 1200 km from Gdańsk as far as … Continue reading

CENTERTEK ’13 – Free Techno Party @ Miąsowa, Poland

Between my two probably biggest adventures of this holidays we decided to visit the legendary (uhmmmm ok, let’s say legendary for some of us, who are into electronic music) polish free techno festival. ROADMATE: Iwa KILOMETERS: 450 km (there and back, so it makes 900 km) MAIN AIM: a village near to Kielce I don’t have much … Continue reading

THE WILD WEST – Spain/Portugal #5 – Lisboa

ROADMATES: Nina and Iwa KILOMETERES: 4 021 (Seville-Lisboa by bus, Lisboa-Munich by plane and the last 1000 km Munich-Gdańsk ‘were actually hitchhiked’) MAIN AIM: hoooome : ) (Cabo da Roca, Portugal)   Did I mention the fact that I’ve spent 40 euro to finlly get to Lisboa and I had to omit Faro, as it wasn’t possible to … Continue reading