A wonderful piece of Poland – Poznań (and a tiny piece of Gdańsk)

It’s been a while since I have last posted anything. Though it does not mean I stopped to travel. Actually, I do the opposite : ). Lack of time has caused this lack of motivation to keep the blog up. Meanwhile, so since New Year’s Eve in Berlin, I have visited few polish cities (just visiting my friends) and decided, my country might be worth visiting. If not for its nice old towns, then for cheap beer prices and lots of drunk people everywhere.

I have never done typical sightseeing in none of Polish cities, so I would only like to show you those pictures, which I have developed from my analog Zenit this week.







Old Town, Poznań, Poland



My friend Ola in front of the new gallery in Poznań (it’s altogether with both bus and railway station)


Main railway station in Gdańsk

A post on my third Paris trip and Hitchhiking Championships from Sopot, Poland to Piran, Slovakia soon! : )

Take care,



About travelographyyy

I'm almost 25 years old, polish, vegetarian, crazy about languages and travelling, addicted to hardcore punk and electronic music. Lately interested in photography as well (analog and modern). Have no big experience in both - writing nor photoshooting, though once had a blog concerning vegan/vegetarian food recipes - just another hobby. Hope you're enjoying my pretty weird style of writing :). Excuse me all of mistakes made in english. You can also check some of my photos here: http://www.tumblr.com/blog/travel-o-graphy .

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