Île-de-la-Cite , Paris and few words about my agoraphobia

Well, let’s say this post will concern Île-de-la-Cite mostly, though I’m not sure it will – I’m on no account able to distinguish quartiers and arondissments in Paris. I mean, this trip has already been my third one and as the name says  Île-de-la-Cite is literally an island, so I should be able to say whether I’m on an island or not, but it is not as easy as you might think.  Île-de-la-Cite is quite a big one and with this amount of bridges in Paris you sometimes simply can’t tell if you’ve already crossed another one and got there or not really. Ok, let’s say it’s possible for most of people, but not for me – I simply don’t care about such things. However, I’ve never got lost there, that’s a good point!

(Pont St-Michel, Paris, France)

Île-de-la-Cite /St-Michel are quite crowded districts – lots of people taking pictures with Notre Dame – this is why you can get loads of photos with random people faces, which are the coolest ones! There are people all around! Fixing their padlocks everywhere, feeding these fat sparrows in front of Notre Dame to make a pic with them on their hand with cathedral in the background. Not a nice part of Paris for me as I’m afraid of crowds. As weird as it may seem, I literally hate people in such places  and I get angry in 5 minutes, want to kill everyone and always get an attack of claustrophoby!





Whatever, don’t forget to fix your padlocks, as it will be illegal soon! They are to heavy to hang there, I’m not kidding! I’m sure this majestic duck is also thinking about what to do when they forbid it. There will be no one to feed it/she/her :c



If you’re already there, angry around these stupid people from every single country on the globe, just take it easy and head towards Shakespeare & Co bookstore. Unimaginable crowds again, but it’s a must see and if you’re good at rummaging you might even find something, you’ve been looking for years. They also have a piano upstairs and a place to peacefully read a book/draw some sketches or whatever. Just go upstairs and enjoy it 🙂 But remember it’s not on  Île-de-la-Cite anymore as far as I remember : ) If you prefer some less maistream places there are few cheap bookstores in the neighbourhood and again, if you’re good at it and if you have enough time – there you’ll find your pearls for even 1 euro as I did (James Herriot <3).



(Shakespeare & Co. , Paris, France)

This post has been quite an anti-recommendation, but please remember it’s only my sarcasm, irony and anger! Paris is an European capital and there is no way you would omit these crowds. However, if you want to eat something good and enjoy it’s real climate, do not go to St-Michel district (it’s right next to Ile-de-France) unless you know someone who can advise you : ). It is so easy to make a wrong choice there! I’ve made that mistake once in my life, 2 years ago when I’ve been there for my first time and I will regret this to the end of my wonderful life, hah .


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I'm almost 25 years old, polish, vegetarian, crazy about languages and travelling, addicted to hardcore punk and electronic music. Lately interested in photography as well (analog and modern). Have no big experience in both - writing nor photoshooting, though once had a blog concerning vegan/vegetarian food recipes - just another hobby. Hope you're enjoying my pretty weird style of writing :). Excuse me all of mistakes made in english. You can also check some of my photos here: http://www.tumblr.com/blog/travel-o-graphy .

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