Dracula’s Castle in Bran, Romania

It is really tricky to say, which one of Romanian castles could be named as Dracula’s Castle and the truth is that none of them is his castle. As far as I know, the guy who wrote “Dracula”, was Irish not Romanian and he simply chose the Bran Castle to pretend the Dracula’s Castle  – it looks quite creepy, is situated on the top of a hill, in the nicest part of Romania, also near to Carpathian Mountains.

Photo28_10Photo27_11Photo25_13Photo26_12  (A bit creepy bus station and the Bran bus with its thousands of Wunderbaums hanging eveywhere…)

It is also common to travel to Sighisoara – the place were Dracula was born, quite a small, but nice, medieval town. It wasn’t on our route, so we have chosen to see the Bran Castle. The cost of excursion wasn’t really high, as we took a normal bus from Bus Station in Brasov, which cost few lei. Entrance to the castle wasn’t expensive as well, though I have to admit that it does not have much too offer for tourists. Castle is smaller as I imagined, full of tourists. Actually the entire area of Bran city is COVERED with small markets, stalls and people selling souvenirs and some stuff, which could be brought by people home as something Romanian.

Photo14_24 Photo15_23 Photo16_22 Photo17_21 Photo18_20 Photo19_19 Photo20_18 Photo21_17

(Bran Castle inside and outside)

However, it is still worth to go there, if you are in Brasov. As I already said, it is really cheap and won’t take you much time – then you can judge by yourself whether it was worth going there or not : ).

Photo23_15 Photo24_14 (Markets surrounding the Bran Castle)

Welcome in 2015!

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