Brasov, Romania

Those of you, who come from Poland or happened to visit Cracow/Kraków will probably recognized a huge resemblance of Brasov to Kraków (or the other way round). I have to admit that Brasov, as much smaller city, surrounded by really weird and dangerous districts round the Old Town has taken my breath away definitely more than once or two.
We stayed there with few friends of ours in a small Hostel situated quite centrally – also enjoyed it, as it was cheap and they did not create any problems with putting all of us into the one room. Alltogether it where 3 days and one of them was used for the excursion to Dracula’s Castle in Bran.






(Random pics took on the way to the center of Brasov, Romania)

In my opinion, as a rather small city Brasov has extreme amount of things to offer for tourists. We also took part in a free walking tour, which was really cool as it revealed some parts of the city, which we would not discover without the help of the guide.


(Shit quality picture took with my phone on the top of Brasov mountain ; ))

You can also rent a bike for a small amount of money and simply ride around Brasov, maybe even make an excursion to Bran as it is not far away at all! I also recommend climbing the mountain with Brasov sign, as the view from the top of the mountain is really amazing and shows the well-though-out structure of the city.



(Panorama made by Żaba from Tampa Mountain, Brasov, Romania)

(Brasov Crew)

As a vegetarian with a long experience I would kill myself if I would not mention here one of best raw vegan restaurants I have ever been to in Europe. The restaurant’s name was ‘Ma Cocotte’ and it was place quite off the main thoroughfare. It was a 100% vegan and raw place, though as it is rather a big one, especially for that small city (regarding that it is situated OUTSIDE of city centre), the owners decided to offer as well meat and vegetarian plates, with all desserts, coffees and stuff. However, it is not only about food though also about the atmosphere and interior decoration of the place, being the cutest one I ever went to. I would call it french, with lots of pure wood, white furnitures and green plants. Spacious, so you would not really have to care whether someone is going to sit next to you or not. I hope that this recommendation, longer than the entire post about Brasov will help some of you to find this amazing place. I have even found their blog, though it is from times when they used to serve entirely vegan and raw stuff. Though you still can check out some pictures, as they are going to be better than mine taken with the cell phone…:





(Ma Cocotte, Brasov, Romania)

Lots of love,



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