Warszawa, Poland – a short stop before my journey towards Belgium

As you might have concluded earlier, I’m Polish, though not Varsovian. I was born in Gdańsk, grew up and studied there and right now I live in Dresden, Germany. Anyway, about two month ago, as I realized I have to make a month break between one and another work, I decided to spent my money for the rent for another journey. As I was also almost done with my exams at that time. It was not like I could have gone whenever I wanted, cause it is not a lot of money and I wanted to explore France or Belgium, as these are French speaking countries (Belgium at least partially). To improve my French skills of course. I had a small problem with decision, though when I found out about 10€ flights from Warsaw and Brussels I already knew where I am going. Besides, it made me visit one of my friends in Warsaw on the Valentine’s Day. All in all, I spent about 4 or 5 days in Warsaw and have undertaken myself, that this time won’t be about eating and partying, as always in the capital of Poland. This time was about sightseeing, strolling and obviously about partying and eating as well. I don’t feel like recommending a lot or writing a lot, but I have to admit that I finally got to like Warsaw! I’ve been critizing it really harsh every single time, when I was there – even though I took my first hitchhiking-ride from Warsaw about 6 years ago!

It still smells like communism, but has a hell of a lot of things to offer. And even more of vegan restaurants and bars!

Hope these photos will make you understand it better ; )

Happy Easter y’all!

imm002_2A(Pawiak Museum, Warsaw)
imm004_4A imm005_5A(PKiN, The Palace of Culture and Science, Warsaw)
imm006_6A(The National Stadium, Warsaw)
imm009_9A imm011_11A imm013_13A imm014_14A imm016_16A(Ogród Saski, Saxony Gardens, Warsaw)
imm017_17A((Ogród Saski, Saxony Gardens, Warsaw)
imm019_19A(ZACHĘTA Museum – strongly recommended by me!, Warsaw)
imm022_22A(The Museum of Poster, Warsaw)
imm023_23A(The Museum of Poster, Warsaw)
imm024_24A(The Museum of Poster, Warsaw)
imm032_32A(Wilanów, Warsaw, Poland)
imm033_33A(Wilanów, Warsaw, Poland)


About travelographyyy

I'm almost 25 years old, polish, vegetarian, crazy about languages and travelling, addicted to hardcore punk and electronic music. Lately interested in photography as well (analog and modern). Have no big experience in both - writing nor photoshooting, though once had a blog concerning vegan/vegetarian food recipes - just another hobby. Hope you're enjoying my pretty weird style of writing :). Excuse me all of mistakes made in english. You can also check some of my photos here: http://www.tumblr.com/blog/travel-o-graphy .

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