Brussels, Belgium (Bruxelles, Belgique)

That was quite a spontaneous trip. Like, they are mostly spontaneous in my case, though this one was really pretty much #yolo. But still not like 100% unplanned that I took my backpack and went there. At the beginning of february I started a new job as a kitchen aid in a Bio Cafe/Restaurant in Dresden’s Old Town. They told me I work fine and I’ll get this position, but I am going to start work from March. As you might know, the exam session in Germany is mostly over mid February, when someone is as good as I am and the break lasts until mid April… So I spontaneously had like a free half of the month. What to do with it when you have no money? Just spent your 200 euro, which you had for rent for the next month (funnier thing, my flat was flooded by neighbours when I came back from the trip, so I didn’t have to pay the rent!!!).


However, I have been thinking a bit about my travel destination, and as I decided to visit my friend in Warsaw I found out there are flights for 10 Euro from Warsaw to Brussels. And I’ve never been in Belgium, so the choice was easy. Warsaw, Brussels, Brugge, Ghent, Lille and Paris, to visit another friend of mine.

imm008_9A(Some pics taken while waiting for Peck 47 to open their magic doors, Brussels, Belgium)

imm021_23A imm022_24AAs I took off the plane and later bus in Brussels it was already 10 p.m. or sth like that and I had to find the flat of my CS hosts on my own. I found some metro station after 10 minutes and a problem started, when I wanted to buy the ticket. They have like really funny machines, where you have to roll a button instead of pressing it. My French is not that good yet and I created sort of confusion speaking to a woman, who wanted to help me by getting on the metro without ticket, but was sadly going the other direction. Then came a guy, who decided to help me, threw my backpack on the other side of the gate and then helped me to jump over it. Yes Belgian people I already fell in love with you then, and few hours later with your fries as well! (Yup, I know they are fried on ox oil, I payed attention to that and been buying them only at places, where they fried it on sunflower seed or rape oil).


My hosts had to leave to work really early, somehow about 7 a.m. and so did I. I had only two days for Brussels and wanted to deny all the people, who are saying that is boring and no fun at all. It is not. I enjoyed it a lot, though it was cold and I did not really had a lot money to spend. I did not went to Atomium (but I took a metro in the morning to see it from the outside) and did not pay for la musee de la BD (comic museum), but I went to its library for like 50cents and read some comics in lots of different languages.

imm002_3A(Atomium, Brussels, Belgium)

I also recommend you, if you are into arts, to visit the Magritte Museum. It is inside of the huge museums complex and a combine ticket cost like 3 euro, but it took me almost the entire day to see everything they have. I do not like to see ONLY museums, when I am travelling, cause it is not only about that, however, I was happy to discover this one and I recommend you to do so as well! If not all of them, just go see the Magritte thing, please! And screw LE MANNEQUIN PIS! : )

imm026_28AGreeting to Elodie, her boyfriend and Arthur le Chat, my wonderful hosts from there!

arthur(Arthur le chat!)


PS You have to go to grab some breakfast at Peck 47. Best portobello waffle and benedictine eggs I ever had in my life. Best breakfast ever promised!

peck47(Sorry for the bad quality, but it WILL BE the best meal of your life guys!)


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