Endless building site / Malta

As Whitsun holiday last an entire week in Germany, we decided to take this cool opportunity to go somewhere at the end of May (though my non-German friends, who went there with me do not have a week-long Whitsun holiday, but whatever).


A good friend of Magda – Andriej, whom she ment in Slovenia was doing some sort of internship at Maltese Department of Agriculture, so we already had one reason to go there. The second one – prices! We booked a flight there from Wrocław with RyanAir and the other one back to Gdańsk with WizzAir and payed alltoether something olike 50€ or so…. The hostel where we were stayin might have been not the best location on Malta, though it was totally fine and again, has cost something like 4€ per night (normally I do not stay at hotels, cause couchsurfing and hostels are more fun, but I doubt they even have hostels on Malta).


(Some evidence for Malta being an endless building site…)

(Nice nature as a contrary…)

Long story short, as it was half a year ago and no one is reading it anyway, thanks to Andriej we managed to see literally everything important on Malta and had a lot of fun (with Ryan The Steward from RyanAirLines for example).

(Blue Lagoon, Comino Island)

Malta is an ancient island, which was conquered by Arabs, Italians and more recently by Brits and is therefore quite interesting from the linguistic point of view. Ninety percent of Malta’s population speak fluently English and more than half of it uses a perfect British English way of pronunciation. Lots of people use Italian as there third language (Maltese is obviously the most used one among those three mentioned). Maltese language itself has a lot of influences from Arabic languages and Romanic languages as well as from English. It is also normal for people to almost unconciously switch between English and Maltese while talking.

(Dingli Cliffs, Malta)

(OK, the town of Dingli even has their own football team?!)

However, do not expect to get vegan food there and prepare for tons of pizza (and pastis – or whatever it is written like). It is literally everywhere.

(The Azure Window, Malta)

DSC_0439(Valetta, Malta)

I do not feel like write sth more today, though Malta is such a cheap and odd place, I simply recommend everyone of you to go there.

(Cisk <3)

(Well, it has NEVER BEEN EASY to travel witha bus there.)

Peace out!




About travelographyyy

I'm almost 25 years old, polish, vegetarian, crazy about languages and travelling, addicted to hardcore punk and electronic music. Lately interested in photography as well (analog and modern). Have no big experience in both - writing nor photoshooting, though once had a blog concerning vegan/vegetarian food recipes - just another hobby. Hope you're enjoying my pretty weird style of writing :). Excuse me all of mistakes made in english. You can also check some of my photos here: http://www.tumblr.com/blog/travel-o-graphy .

5 responses to “Endless building site / Malta

  1. Great Post, lovely pictures.

  2. Kim

    Great photos and words — I enjoyed travelling with you. 🙂
    All the best from Brisbane, Australia.

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