National State Tax Service University of Ukraine/Ірпінь,Україна

This is a weird phenomenon, which I just had to describe in a separate post.  As I did this theatherworkshop thing in Ukraine, we were about 10 Germans plus me and a bit more than 10 Ukrainians. Most of them were studying in Irpin, were we lived, at a National Academy, pretty good recognized in an entire country. However, English name of it does not really reveal the essence. You could of course study Law or Finances there, but they also had a Tax Police Academy incorporate into University.


Some of you might know that the political situation in Ukraine is not as stable as it used to be though, exclusive of war, it is slowly getting better. This better still cannot be compared to conditions in other Slavic countries of Europe, even not the ex-Jugoslavian countries.You have like no public health service. Everything is private and costs a lot. I do not have to mention that the expenses for food and living definitely exceed the amount of money, which simple people are capable of earning.

(Did I mention they organized a gala at the University for 10 visitors from Germany -> us?)

And fucking corruption. I can forget getting through your studies without greasing someone’s palm at least once during your career at the University. Pretty fucked up, right? And then they come up with an idea of creating Tax Police, which is another stupid invention of corrupt government… So all of tax officers, lawyers and financiers of the country can already meet each other at the University and make these fucking connections, which there are going to take advantage of during they entire life, cause there is simple no other way. Well. I wish all of them luck and am sure, there is still chance for Ukraine to get better, as the Ukrainians are probably the most loving and helpful people I ever had a chance to meet…

(The Metamorphosis, Kafka / Irpin, Ukraine)

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