Warszawa, Poland – a short stop before my journey towards Belgium

As you might have concluded earlier, I’m Polish, though not Varsovian. I was born in Gdańsk, grew up and studied there and right now I live in Dresden, Germany. Anyway, about two month ago, as I realized I have to make a month break between one and another work, I decided to spent my money … Continue reading

December ’14 in Florence (Firenze), Italy

All in all we spent entire 5 or 6 days in Bologna, with a one-day excursion to Florence. Sadly, we chosen a bad day for this trip, as it was a Saturday, when railway workers decided to strike. We were lucky, to come with a CS host of our friends, Matthieu, who took all 4 … Continue reading

HITCHHIKING CHAMPIONSHIPS ’14 /// Sopot, Poland – Piran, Slovenia

Everyone, who’s familiar with the topic of polish hitchhiking championships knows that each year, they’re taking place at the beginning of may, because of the long weekend and feasts, which we celebrate in Poland at this time. Again, why am I writing about those championships at the end of August? I had to write and … Continue reading

A wonderful piece of Poland – Poznań (and a tiny piece of Gdańsk)

It’s been a while since I have last posted anything. Though it does not mean I stopped to travel. Actually, I do the opposite : ). Lack of time has caused this lack of motivation to keep the blog up. Meanwhile, so since New Year’s Eve in Berlin, I have visited few polish cities (just … Continue reading

HUNGARY – Budapest and Lake Balaton

Ok. As I’ve already promised – have to tell you about my Southern/Balkan trip. Just decided to split that into smaller posts, so I could write a short note about each country. The first one on the list is Hungary. For me it was first time there. It’s about 1200 km from Gdańsk as far as … Continue reading

CENTERTEK ’13 – Free Techno Party @ Miąsowa, Poland

Between my two probably biggest adventures of this holidays we decided to visit the legendary (uhmmmm ok, let’s say legendary for some of us, who are into electronic music) polish free techno festival. ROADMATE: Iwa KILOMETERS: 450 km (there and back, so it makes 900 km) MAIN AIM: a village near to Kielce I don’t have much … Continue reading

Noise Poison Festival ’13, Jasenie, Slovakia

To begin with a really fresh one – Noise Poison Festival 2013 in Jasenie, Slovakia! ROADMATE: Iwa KM: 849 kilometers MAIN AIM: Noise Poison Festival, Jasenie, Slovakia TIME: 27 hours (could have made it much faster) (festival area) Sooo… the story begins at the end of December 2012, when during my exchange in Germany, me … Continue reading