Few blurry impressions from Ghent, Belgium (Gent, België)

Ghent was not really enclosed in the plan of my trip, which I actually did not have. I was rather planning to see magnificient Antwerp, which I have missed. Getting a possibility to surf on one of Ghent’s nomads couch, with whom I surprisingly had a lot in common, I decided to go for it … Continue reading

Bruges, Belgium. How to survive in tourists paradise? (Brugge, België)

Bruges, yup. I did not make my research before getting there. It was February while I was travelling in Belgium and Bruges was full of tourists, like old Englishman and ladies and extremely lot of Aussies, though there were lot of alternative places and filled with backpackers, quite surprisingly, as well. I had enough luck … Continue reading

Beograd/ Belgrade, Serbia

I knooow it was 3 months ago. I do not remember much of this city, but maybe I just don’t want it? (some church, Belgrade, Serbia) It’s not about that I did not enjoy it or sth, it’s just it was the end of the trip and we were terribly tired, the CS, who was … Continue reading

THE WILD WEST – Spain/Portugal #4 – Seville

I am honoured to present you the capitol of Andalusia – Seville! As I said, our new host – Ramon – was already waiting for us at his flat, we’ve changed the clothes and decided to take a quick look at the city, maybe find a Tourist Office and eat a dinner. (FUN, FUN, FUN!) … Continue reading

THE WILD WEST – Spain/Portugal #2 – Granada

ROADMATES: Nina and Iwa KM: 457 kilometers MAIN AIM: Granada TIME: fuckin’ 2 days to get to Granada In last note, I’ve stopped describing the trip at day no. 2. These both were really two exhausting and wonderful days, but the one, which was about to come – day no. 3 was much more exhausting, as … Continue reading

THE WILD WEST – Spain/Portugal #1- Alicante

I’ve came back from that trip at Saturday, but it took me some time to have a proper rest, to create a wordpress site (http://www.travelographyyy.wordpress.com) and so on. To be honest, I would never ever wrote this note, if not the fact, that I’ve just decided to go to the Centertek Teknival, which starts at … Continue reading