Few blurry impressions from Ghent, Belgium (Gent, België)

Ghent was not really enclosed in the plan of my trip, which I actually did not have. I was rather planning to see magnificient Antwerp, which I have missed. Getting a possibility to surf on one of Ghent’s nomads couch, with whom I surprisingly had a lot in common, I decided to go for it … Continue reading

Warszawa, Poland – a short stop before my journey towards Belgium

As you might have concluded earlier, I’m Polish, though not Varsovian. I was born in Gdańsk, grew up and studied there and right now I live in Dresden, Germany. Anyway, about two month ago, as I realized I have to make a month break between one and another work, I decided to spent my money … Continue reading

Travemuende on the Baltic Sea, Germany

As mentioned in the post before – I had a nice opportunity to see Travemuende during this holiday. It is nothing very special for someone, who was living at the Baltic Sea for almost 23 years, but still, the beach there, as well as the entire city look very pleasent. I can recommend a one … Continue reading

Noise Poison Festival ’13, Jasenie, Slovakia

To begin with a really fresh one – Noise Poison Festival 2013 in Jasenie, Slovakia! ROADMATE: Iwa KM: 849 kilometers MAIN AIM: Noise Poison Festival, Jasenie, Slovakia TIME: 27 hours (could have made it much faster) (festival area) Sooo… the story begins at the end of December 2012, when during my exchange in Germany, me … Continue reading