National State Tax Service University of Ukraine/Ірпінь,Україна

This is a weird phenomenon, which I just had to describe in a separate post.  As I did this theatherworkshop thing in Ukraine, we were about 10 Germans plus me and a bit more than 10 Ukrainians. Most of them were studying in Irpin, were we lived, at a National Academy, pretty good recognized in … Continue reading

Kiev, Ukraine (Київ,Україна) Afloat and underground.

It has been six months since I went to Ukraine and these photos still trigger a lot of emotions. Many things and feelings I have never experienced before. Past year was sort of complicated, but I decided to go for a dance and theater workshop to Ukraine. Everyone who knows me, even just briefly, knows … Continue reading

Endless building site / Malta

As Whitsun holiday last an entire week in Germany, we decided to take this cool opportunity to go somewhere at the end of May (though my non-German friends, who went there with me do not have a week-long Whitsun holiday, but whatever). A good friend of Magda – Andriej, whom she ment in Slovenia was … Continue reading

December ’14 in Florence (Firenze), Italy

All in all we spent entire 5 or 6 days in Bologna, with a one-day excursion to Florence. Sadly, we chosen a bad day for this trip, as it was a Saturday, when railway workers decided to strike. We were lucky, to come with a CS host of our friends, Matthieu, who took all 4 … Continue reading

Another Parisian classics – Louvre, Sacré-Cœur, Tour l’Eiffel and Arts et Metiers Museum

Most of Parisian or simply French people will puke when you’ll tell them you want them to take you to see Tour l’Eiffel or Louvre. I think I can get them. I’ve spent alltogether almost one month of my life in Paris and I know there are better places to see. Anyway, after 5 days … Continue reading

Île-de-la-Cite , Paris and few words about my agoraphobia

Well, let’s say this post will concern Île-de-la-Cite mostly, though I’m not sure it will – I’m on no account able to distinguish quartiers and arondissments in Paris. I mean, this trip has already been my third one and as the name says  Île-de-la-Cite is literally an island, so I should be able to say whether I’m … Continue reading

THE WILD WEST – Spain/Portugal #2 – Granada

ROADMATES: Nina and Iwa KM: 457 kilometers MAIN AIM: Granada TIME: fuckin’ 2 days to get to Granada In last note, I’ve stopped describing the trip at day no. 2. These both were really two exhausting and wonderful days, but the one, which was about to come – day no. 3 was much more exhausting, as … Continue reading