Endless building site / Malta

As Whitsun holiday last an entire week in Germany, we decided to take this cool opportunity to go somewhere at the end of May (though my non-German friends, who went there with me do not have a week-long Whitsun holiday, but whatever). A good friend of Magda – Andriej, whom she ment in Slovenia was … Continue reading

A wonderful piece of Poland – Poznań (and a tiny piece of Gdańsk)

It’s been a while since I have last posted anything. Though it does not mean I stopped to travel. Actually, I do the opposite : ). Lack of time has caused this lack of motivation to keep the blog up. Meanwhile, so since New Year’s Eve in Berlin, I have visited few polish cities (just … Continue reading

THE WILD WEST – Spain/Portugal #3 – Malaga

ROADMATES: Nina and Iwa KM: 338 kilometers MAIN AIM: Sewilla (Granada-Malaga-Sewilla) (a view from Karim’s flat) Like I’ve mentioned last time, the route from Granada to Malaga was made by a bus. We’ve reached Karim’s (our new host) flat sth about 11 PM. At this time there was also another couchsurfer from Finland at his … Continue reading

Hejka!/ Hello!


After long 4 years of hitchhiking and much longer history of travelling as well, I’ve decided to create maybe a bit more serious ‘thing’ in the internet, to remind me later of how great every trip was and to show people, how easy and cheap they can get out of their house, city or country.

So, I’m almost 22 years old, vegetarian, passionate with languages, every genre of music and literature, astrology , travelling (mostly hitchhiking) and since a short period of time I’m trying my best in photography.

I want to join this two hobbies so I could spread my stories as a real thing, so everyone can also see how does everything actually look like.

It may be hard, to keep the blog up through all of seasons, as I travel mostly during summer, but maybe I will decide to describe previous trips, or just show you some photos made by myself.

Additionally to this blog, I have an tumblr account, where I post only in English, mostly the same stuff as here – http://www.travel-o-graphy.tumblr.com .

If any serious mistakes in my English were seen here, please leave my a message! It’s all about improving my ability to write in English too!

Take care,