Warszawa, Poland – a short stop before my journey towards Belgium

As you might have concluded earlier, I’m Polish, though not Varsovian. I was born in Gdańsk, grew up and studied there and right now I live in Dresden, Germany. Anyway, about two month ago, as I realized I have to make a month break between one and another work, I decided to spent my money … Continue reading

CENTERTEK ’13 – Free Techno Party @ Miąsowa, Poland

Between my two probably biggest adventures of this holidays we decided to visit the legendary (uhmmmm ok, let’s say legendary for some of us, who are into electronic music) polish free techno festival. ROADMATE: Iwa KILOMETERS: 450 km (there and back, so it makes 900 km) MAIN AIM: a village near to Kielce I don’t have much … Continue reading

THE WILD WEST – Spain/Portugal #1- Alicante

I’ve came back from that trip at Saturday, but it took me some time to have a proper rest, to create a wordpress site (http://www.travelographyyy.wordpress.com) and so on. To be honest, I would never ever wrote this note, if not the fact, that I’ve just decided to go to the Centertek Teknival, which starts at … Continue reading