Brussels, Belgium (Bruxelles, Belgique)

That was quite a spontaneous trip. Like, they are mostly spontaneous in my case, though this one was really pretty much #yolo. But still not like 100% unplanned that I took my backpack and went there. At the beginning of february I started a new job as a kitchen aid in a Bio Cafe/Restaurant in … Continue reading

Brasov, Romania

Those of you, who come from Poland or happened to visit Cracow/Kraków will probably recognized a huge resemblance of Brasov to Kraków (or the other way round). I have to admit that Brasov, as much smaller city, surrounded by really weird and dangerous districts round the Old Town has taken my breath away definitely more … Continue reading

Paris Paris Paris

It wasn’t my first time in Paris – heeeell, no! But when I first saw it, I simply fall in love so I knew, there are going to be many returns. This time I took the wonderful opportunity, which my friend Nina gave me – she went to Paris for a year, as a au … Continue reading

Beograd/ Belgrade, Serbia

I knooow it was 3 months ago. I do not remember much of this city, but maybe I just don’t want it? (some church, Belgrade, Serbia) It’s not about that I did not enjoy it or sth, it’s just it was the end of the trip and we were terribly tired, the CS, who was … Continue reading


We didn’t plan to go back through Bosnia nor Serbia, as we wanted to go further to the south of Albania and then to Macedonia, but we ran out of time and had to start coming back to Poland, being about 2000 kilometers from home. Not that bad. Hitchhiking from Shkoder to Sarajevo was quite … Continue reading

ALBANIA – Shkoder city and my first visit in this amazing country.

Firstly something about how we did get there. You know hitchhiking might be dangerous, especially, when you’re going to a place undiscovered by tourists, where your abilit to speak english, german, polish, bits of french and ex-jugoslavia countries languages won’t help. You need to know Albania language is a totally different one. It is really … Continue reading

MONTENEGRO – The Kotor Bay

Next country to go through on the way to Albania – Montenegro. Never been there, so it was already the second country visited for the first time by me – checked 🙂 . We were still travelling with Daria and Makaron, so we decided to split in two groups in Dubrovnik and get to two … Continue reading

HUNGARY – Budapest and Lake Balaton

Ok. As I’ve already promised – have to tell you about my Southern/Balkan trip. Just decided to split that into smaller posts, so I could write a short note about each country. The first one on the list is Hungary. For me it was first time there. It’s about 1200 km from Gdańsk as far as … Continue reading

CENTERTEK ’13 – Free Techno Party @ Miąsowa, Poland

Between my two probably biggest adventures of this holidays we decided to visit the legendary (uhmmmm ok, let’s say legendary for some of us, who are into electronic music) polish free techno festival. ROADMATE: Iwa KILOMETERS: 450 km (there and back, so it makes 900 km) MAIN AIM: a village near to Kielce I don’t have much … Continue reading