Few blurry impressions from Ghent, Belgium (Gent, België)

Ghent was not really enclosed in the plan of my trip, which I actually did not have. I was rather planning to see magnificient Antwerp, which I have missed. Getting a possibility to surf on one of Ghent’s nomads couch, with whom I surprisingly had a lot in common, I decided to go for it and change my non-existing plan of journey. As Belgium is rather a small country, so are its cities. I spent as small amount of time in Ghent as I did in Brugge. About 24 hours. And I enjoyed it!


Ghent is known for its specific weed-culture, as it is a university city, situateted close to the Dutch border. I have to honestly admit, I did not see a lot of historical monuments or museums of Ghent, though my Belgian guide has showed me each corner of the city, which might be described as important.


imm003_4 imm004_5 (Castle, Ghent, Belgium)

Sadly, the weather was quite shitty, as almost always in the Netherlands or Belgium, because of its location close to the sea. I am sort of used to that, as in Poland I also live at the sea, so it is not a big deal for me. Especially in winter, when no one is expecting weather to be bearable anyway.




About travelographyyy

I'm almost 25 years old, polish, vegetarian, crazy about languages and travelling, addicted to hardcore punk and electronic music. Lately interested in photography as well (analog and modern). Have no big experience in both - writing nor photoshooting, though once had a blog concerning vegan/vegetarian food recipes - just another hobby. Hope you're enjoying my pretty weird style of writing :). Excuse me all of mistakes made in english. You can also check some of my photos here: http://www.tumblr.com/blog/travel-o-graphy .

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