Few blurry impressions from Ghent, Belgium (Gent, België)

Ghent was not really enclosed in the plan of my trip, which I actually did not have. I was rather planning to see magnificient Antwerp, which I have missed. Getting a possibility to surf on one of Ghent’s nomads couch, with whom I surprisingly had a lot in common, I decided to go for it … Continue reading

Brussels, Belgium (Bruxelles, Belgique)

That was quite a spontaneous trip. Like, they are mostly spontaneous in my case, though this one was really pretty much #yolo. But still not like 100% unplanned that I took my backpack and went there. At the beginning of february I started a new job as a kitchen aid in a Bio Cafe/Restaurant in … Continue reading

December ’14 in Bologna, Italia

Someday, somehow, we quite spontaneously decided with my ‘new’ (then, now not new anymore) flatmate that it would be cool to visit a friend of her, who is doing Erasmus in Italy. I did not even knew where exactly the girl lives, but I found really cheap tickets from Wrocław to Bologna and decided to … Continue reading

Travemuende on the Baltic Sea, Germany

As mentioned in the post before – I had a nice opportunity to see Travemuende during this holiday. It is nothing very special for someone, who was living at the Baltic Sea for almost 23 years, but still, the beach there, as well as the entire city look very pleasent. I can recommend a one … Continue reading

Karls Erlebnis-Dorf – Roevershagen, Germany

Who said that you can not earn money and have lots of fun at once? Yes, it is November now, but I still hadn’t uploaded pictures from my holiday! When I was planning them in Mai, I thought that I simply need to refuse on some long distance trips, as I had to earn at … Continue reading

Another Parisian classics – Louvre, Sacré-Cœur, Tour l’Eiffel and Arts et Metiers Museum

Most of Parisian or simply French people will puke when you’ll tell them you want them to take you to see Tour l’Eiffel or Louvre. I think I can get them. I’ve spent alltogether almost one month of my life in Paris and I know there are better places to see. Anyway, after 5 days … Continue reading

Cueillette – Chapeau de Paille, Paris, France

Have you ever heard about such a thing as CUEILLETTE? In French it means a crop or harvest, but it also stands for a place, where you can pick fruits and vegetables by yourself! Sort of a farm with a free access for everyone. Depending on a season you can pick whatever is available. When … Continue reading

Île-de-la-Cite , Paris and few words about my agoraphobia

Well, let’s say this post will concern Île-de-la-Cite mostly, though I’m not sure it will – I’m on no account able to distinguish quartiers and arondissments in Paris. I mean, this trip has already been my third one and as the name says  Île-de-la-Cite is literally an island, so I should be able to say whether I’m … Continue reading

Belleville quarter, PARIS, France

So, another visit in Paris : ). I had this wonderful opportunity, that each time I went to Paris it was another time of the year, so I’ve been able to admire Paris during winter, fall and also during spring tight now. I can’t say which of these is most worth going, cause it depends … Continue reading

New Year’s Eve in Berlin – Odyssee 2014

ATTENTION! 🙂 You won’t find here any pretty pictures this time, only shitty smartphone quality! It’s already more than a week since I’ve came back, but I just couldn’t push myself to write this note or maybe I just didn’t have enough time cause of university, two jobs, bachelor paper and my new discovery, which … Continue reading