Dracula’s Castle in Bran, Romania

It is really tricky to say, which one of Romanian castles could be named as Dracula’s Castle and the truth is that none of them is his castle. As far as I know, the guy who wrote “Dracula”, was Irish not Romanian and he simply chose the Bran Castle to pretend the Dracula’s Castle  – … Continue reading

Transylvania Calling Festival, Romania ( Transilvania, România )

This year, during my amazing (or our amazing) travel through Romania I had the opportunity to go to the Transylvania Calling psychedelic trance festival. Actually, the entire trip was planed because of the festival, so it was like the highlight of it. Seven days in the deep Transilvanian Forest, on the territory of the National … Continue reading

Bucharest (Bucuresti), Romania

Last year, at the Lost Theory Festival in Croatia, I have met, totally accidentally, some wonderful Polish people, with whom I spent 5 days there – we haven’t seen eachother for a year, but managed to meet again –  this year at the Transylvania Calling Festival in Romania. (My favourite piece, actually our favourite piece … Continue reading

New Year’s Eve in Berlin – Odyssee 2014

ATTENTION! 🙂 You won’t find here any pretty pictures this time, only shitty smartphone quality! It’s already more than a week since I’ve came back, but I just couldn’t push myself to write this note or maybe I just didn’t have enough time cause of university, two jobs, bachelor paper and my new discovery, which … Continue reading

CROATIA – Lost Theory and Dubrovnik

So, the trip continues – where did we stop the last time? Somewhere near to Hungarian/Croatian border. Nothing special has happened there –  we stucked for few hours with other tired hitchhikers on the gas station, but it was still fun and we were in a good mood. (I’ve lost my pictures from that pace … Continue reading

CENTERTEK ’13 – Free Techno Party @ Miąsowa, Poland

Between my two probably biggest adventures of this holidays we decided to visit the legendary (uhmmmm ok, let’s say legendary for some of us, who are into electronic music) polish free techno festival. ROADMATE: Iwa KILOMETERS: 450 km (there and back, so it makes 900 km) MAIN AIM: a village near to Kielce I don’t have much … Continue reading

Noise Poison Festival ’13, Jasenie, Slovakia

To begin with a really fresh one – Noise Poison Festival 2013 in Jasenie, Slovakia! ROADMATE: Iwa KM: 849 kilometers MAIN AIM: Noise Poison Festival, Jasenie, Slovakia TIME: 27 hours (could have made it much faster) (festival area) Sooo… the story begins at the end of December 2012, when during my exchange in Germany, me … Continue reading